Class Cancellations

There are no classes on the following dates.

Date Reason
February 2, 2023 School use of gym
February 21-24, 2023 School use of gym
March 10, 2023 School use of gym
March 28-31, 2023 Spring Break
April 7,20, 21, 2023 School use of gym
May 19, 2023 School use of gym



New competition rules posted on the downloads page.

Classes remain cancelled due to COVID-19.

Hope you are all finding ways to keep active!  Though we are still under significant restrictions, the conversations among public health and government officials have become more encouraging with proposed plans for lifting restrictions.  Lifting restrictions will of course depend on how the disease progresses, but we are hopeful that we will return to some degree of normalcy before too long.  Our opportunity to get back in the dojo depends upon when school boards reduce restrictions and upon the protocols we would have to put in place to train safely.  We will keep you informed of any developments on how or when we may plan for a return.  

I have received a few questions regarding fees.  Note that any fees you paid up until we closed will be carried forward to cover your future training costs.  For example if you had paid for March (we trained only two weeks in March), April and May, you would have credit for two and one half months of fees to be applied once we repoen.  Please note that if you were behind in your fees, payment up to March 15 is still required.  

In the meantime, keep practicing.  And if you aren’t doing that, stay active and keep moving.  With the weather getting nicer, and considering we may not get back to the dojo before September, we may think about beginning our Tuesday and Thursday fun runs at Baker Park for the adult class, if they work within Alberta Health guidelines.  If we decide to go ahead with this, note that they are voluntary.  Stay tuned for more information on fun runs.  

Take care everyone.  Be nice to each other and wash your hands!    

Gary Sabean

Head Instructor