Head Instructor

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Sensei Gary Sabean

Sensei Gary Sabean has been studying karate since 1985. He achieved his 5th degree black belt (Godan) and his Shihan-level Chito Ryu instructor‘s designation in 2013.  He has been a member of the Canadian National Karate Association (NKA) team for 12 years, and had the privilege of representing Canada internationally for this period. Sensei Sabean earned this honour by becoming a nine-time Canadian kumite champion. Additionally, he was the 2001 World Chito Ryu Karate champion for sparring, and 2004 World Chito Ryu Grand Champion for both kata and kumite. 

Assistant Instructor

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Sensei Chris Workman

Sensei Chris Workman began training in Chito Ryu Karate in Edmonton in 1983.  He attained the rank of Shodan in 2008, and Nidan in 2011.  His interests in karate are threefold; exploring the traditional aspects as a martial art, maintaining physical fitness, and teaching both adults and youth.

Sensei Workman is a Professional Engineer and is a partner in a specialist consulting engineering firm.

Assistant Instructor

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Sensei Mariah Blunt

Sensei Mariah Blunt has been training karate since 2008 and started studying Chito Ryu karate do in 2012. Her present rank is Nidan, achieved in July 2018. Mariah has competed in both kata and kumite at the provincial, national and international levels and has been a member of the Karate Alberta provincial team since 2010. She has also been a member of the Canadian National Team roster for multiple years. Currently she is attending the University of Calgary studying a BEd in Early Childhood Education for the Class of 2020.