November 2016

Training in recent weeks has been all about kumite.  We have created a warmup that incorporates the dynamic movements needed to get our bodies and minds ready for multiple matches.  A couple of key points to remember during warm-up:  one, once your muscles are ready to go, make your movements big – you can always notch them down during a match if


October 2016 - Updated

The last month has given us lots of opportunities to get back into training condition and attitude. The provincial team hopefuls in our dojo have had a weekend of training with Karate Alberta, as well as a workshop hosted by Seba Sensei – one of the most experienced and decorated kumite coaches in the world.  Dojo members who did not attend either of


September 2016 - Updated

Hard to believe, but a new year of training is about to begin!  Welcome back to all of our current dojo members and thank you to our new members for choosing Sabean Karate Academy. Note that registration is ongoing, so if you have a friend or neighbour interested in karate, kindly pass along our website info.  Please watch this website for


June 2016

We are now in our last month of training before summer break.  Looking back over our ‘karate year’, there is a lot to be proud of:  our dojo members have represented themselves, our dojo and the province well at a range of tournaments, within the competitor, coaching and referee ranks.  On that note, congratulations to all of our competitors in the


May 2016

When we set goals and develop a training plan to support them, we often consider what might get in the way: an injury, not enough time to train, not enough commitment.  I don’t think an earthquake and damages resulting from it would ever enter our minds – but that’s where we are.  While making a change to our training can be a challenge, it has a positive


ICKF - NS Chito-ryu Summer Camp and Friendship Tournament

ICKF Nova Scotia is holding a summer camp and friendship bogu tournament from August 3rd to 7th in Yarmouth, NS.  Details and schedule can be found here.  Watch this space as we will publish more information as it comes in. This will be a great camp with lots of training and special events planned.  There will be something for every rank and skill


Soke Cup Postponed

Due to the recent earthquakes in Kumamoto the Soke Cup scheduled for August has been postponed.  As soon as we here of a new date we will let you know. 

Unfortunately, it appears that the Sohonbu dojo was in one of the areas with more severe damage and as a result has sustained significant structural damage.  A fair bit of funds will be required for the


Recent Earthquakes – Island of Kyushu, City of Kumamoto

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our Chito-Ryu friends in Japan – Soke Sensei and his family – as well as many karate colleagues we have had the honour and opportunity to work with over the years.  Right now we are waiting and watching, hoping that everyone is safe.  As we learn more about the situation, and how our travels to Japan in August may


April 2016

Congratulations to our dojo members who recently returned from the US open and Junior International Cup held in Las Vegas over the Easter weekend.  Sempai Mariah Blunt, Diego Ruiz and honorary dojo member – Ethan Strobach – all worked extremely hard and competed well.  Diego posted very strong results by winning the bronze medal in the Advanced


12th International Soke Cup

Here's a promotional video for the upcoming Soke Cup in Kumamoto, Japan from August 5th to 8th.

March 2016

Over the last few weeks we have been preparing our katas and kumite skills for both the Soke Cup and upcoming gradings.  We have adopted a new set of drills to prepare us for kata.  It includes lots of leg strengthening work, followed by line drills focusing on the range of stances needed for all of our katas.  Though our katas range in complexity, every


February 2016

Congratulations to our dojo members on the Karate Alberta Provincial team – Sempai Mariah, Ethan and Diego – for a very strong showing at the recent Canadian National Championships in Richmond, BC.  Sempai Mariah won a bronze medal in each of U21 and team kumite and Ethan won a silver medal in youth kumite.  The Alberta team had their best showing ever


January 2016

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a good holiday break and is ready to get back to training.  

As we finished out our classes in December, I was reviewing an important factor that is often missing from our training – intensity.  Both Plumacher and Brose Sensei, in their additional kumite sessions with us, noted it.  We can try to justify the lack of


December 2015

Congratulations to Sempai Mariah Blunt, Ethan Baker and Diego Ruiz-Silva as they were selected to the Karate Alberta Provincial team and will compete in kumite at the Canadian National Championships in Richmond, BC at the end of January. All three have worked very hard to secure a spot – this is Sempai Mariah’s sixth time as a team member and both


November 2015

The end of October and beginning of November have been busy with the Karate Alberta tournament held October 24 in Blackfalds and the all Alberta Karate Invitational tournament held November 7 in Calgary.  Congratulations to all of our participants in the Alberta competitions and thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to help the


October 2015

We have been training for a month now – it’s great to see everyone getting back into the rhythm of classes.  Well done!  For both our new and returning members, September can be a challenge – new and refreshed techniques, new goals, and new priorities.  As I mentioned, the 70th anniversary of Chito Ryu and the Soke Cup will be held in Kumamoto,


September 2015

Welcome to a new training year for Sabean Karate Academy!  It’s great to see everyone again! I’d like to offer an especially warm welcome to our new students – thank you for choosing Sabean Karate Academy.  This website provides ongoing information about our club, training times, special events and fees, so please check back often.

At the start of


First Class - September 8th

Greetings.  I hope everyone had a relaxing summer and is ready for training again.  Our first class of the new season will be on Tuesday, September 8th at 6:00PM.  See you there!

Casino Volunteer Needed for Alberta Chito Kai

The Alberta Chito Kai Association is looking for a volunteer to help organize Casino events in Edmonton.  We are hoping for someone from Edmonton, but anyone from one of the clubs in Alberta would be welcome.  If you are interested in helping out please contact Sensei Grad at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript


July - August 2015

The dojo is now on summer break – I hope everyone is getting the chance for some fun and relaxation and enjoying this wonderful weather! 

This is a quick reminder of the Canmore Summer Camp, scheduled for August 12 to 16 in Canmore, Albertafeaturing the world-wide head of Chito Ryu Karate, Chitose Sensei Soke, from Kumamoto, Japan. We are