New Competition Rules for 2023

The WKF has published new competition rules for 2023.  The are number of significant changes including:


  • The manditory use of face masks or helmets for U14 categories.  In 2024 the exclusive use of a WKF approved helmet will be compulsory.
  • The combining and reduction of category 1 and 2 warnings into one stream. 
  • Electronic scoring.  Flags used by corner judges will be replaced by joysticks.


  • The number of judges scores used to arrive at a the final score is increased to 5.  Only the highest and lowest scores are removed.
  • Only one score is given by each judge.  The requirement to give a technical (70%) and athletic score (30%) has been removed.


  • For official WKF events the use of Karategi with red or blue embroidery will be compulsory.

The complete completion rules can be found on the downloads page here.