Summer 2023

Well done to the Sabean Karate contingent at the recent Canadian National Karate Championships in Laval, Quebec! Our dojo played an integral part in the success of the Karate Alberta Provincial team and was extremely well represented by the following dojo members:

Sensei Gary Sabean: Technical Director & Coach
Sensei Mariah Blunt: Kumite Coach/Competitor
Sensei Gary Burniston: Referee/Judge
Rooz Movaffagh: Team Manager


  • Omar Almishri
  • Ethan Baker
  • Hafid Benmahmud
  • Muhimen Benmahmud
  • Donya Movaffagh
  • Ramin Movaffagh
  • Diego Ruiz

Our competitors earned a total of six medals, demonstrating their skills and scoring a multitude of points in all bouts. Omar and Donya’s results enabled them to qualify for the Cadet, Junior & U21 Pan American Championships in Santiago, Chile in August, while Diego’s results qualified him for the Senior Pan American Championships in Santiago, Chile in November. Congratulations to all!


Summer Break

The dojo is now on summer break, with classes resuming on September 5, 2023.

The adult dojo members meet for “Fun Runs” at the Baker Park parking lot at 6 pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, weather permitting. The sessions last approximately two hours and include running, core work and individual technique work. Contact Sensei Blunt with any questions.

The Soke Cup is being held August 11 to 13, 2023 in Kumamoto, Japan. Our dojo will be well represented by Sensei Chris Workman and Sensei Mariah Blunt. We wish them safe travels and an exciting and rewarding competition!

Enjoy the Summer!

Gary Sabean

Head Instructor