Class Cancellations

There are no classes on the following dates.

Date Reason



KA Provincial Tournament - April 28, 2024 in Calgary

KC Nationals 2024 - July 4-7, 2024  in Laval, Quebec

Chito-Ryu International summer camp -  July 10-14 in Halifax, Nova Scotia (details here)

July Soke Cup Information (Updated)

Important Scheduling Change! The last bulletin published by the organizing commitee eliminated Friday July 26th as a competition day. Since then the registration for the tournament grew significantly, so they are going to run events on Friday. The organizers are aware that some people are arriving later in the week and will take that into account. They will not schedule or run an event on Friday if someone has told them in advance that they can not be there. Those divisions would run on the Saturday.
At this time they are hoping to schedule all team kata, kobudo and a large portion of individual kata on Friday July 26th. 
The organizers would like to know if there are any competitors that would not be able to compete on Friday July 26th as soon as possible.
We will post updates as we learn more.
New! - Preliminary Schedule and Rule Clarifications
A preliminary schedule has been released.  The the schedule for each day can be viewed here.
Official Uniform - Navy Blue blazer, white short-sleeved dress shirt, solid grey dress pants, Chito Ryu tie, solid navy blue or black socks, black slip-on shoes.
If you do not have a Chito Ryu tie please wear a solid, navy blue tie. The Sohonbu is also planning to bring a few Chito Ryu ties to sell.

Hakama - Senior ranking Officials are expected to wear a hakama for the Final events on Sunday. Ideally, ALL Officials would have a hakama so they can be worn both days.
 If officials plan to just judge kata or corner judge kumite, they will NOT need a Hakama.

Friday, July 26th - Official’s Uniform; NO Hakama
Saturday, July 27th – ONLY Center Referees wear Hakama
Sunday, July 28th – ALL Officials wear Hakama

Only designated Coaches can be on the floor with their athletes. Coaches must wear track suits and have Coach’s accreditation.

The only people on the floor should be: Competitors who are currently competing, Officials, designated Coaches and Tournament staff. Competitors should be seated at the rings so spectators can see the matches. More importantly, the medical staff must have a clear line of sight to all the rings.

No one may repeat a kata in consecutive rounds, including Team Kata. For Coloured Belts, competitors will use the ABAB method. This means a kata may not be repeated in the following round. In Black Belt divisions, competitors will use the ABC method. This means, once a kata is used it may not be repeated in the following two rounds. For competitors going from Eliminations to Semi-Finals they may restart their ABAB/ABC selection in the Semi-Finals. Those going to the Finals, may perform the kata of their choice on Sunday regardless of the kata performed on Saturday.
Competitors must perform both of their AB kata or their three ABC kata before they are allowed to restart their ABAB/ABC selection in the Semi-Finals or Finals. For example, if there are 8 Black Belt competitors, the winner of each side of the draw will have only done their first two kata in the Semi-Finals so their third “C” kata must be performed in the Finals. They would not be allowed to repeat their “A” or “B” kata in the Finals. Restarting their kata sequence would only occur in very large divisions especially where the draw is split into different rings/courts. The Tournament Director will determine the number of competitors in an Elimination round or Semi-Final round. With smaller numbers, most divisions will likely be Semi-Final rounds.

In combined Advanced and Black Belt divisions: to be fair to the Kyu Belts, the Kyu Belts may do Kata up to Chinto and their required ABAB sequence OR they may do Kata from the Black Belt list but also the ABC sequence.

Bogu will be inspected prior to bowing in the ring. This inspection will include checking for mandatory mouth guard, groin protector (males), correct gloves, WKF shin/instep protectors, Bogu (especially the fit of head gear), length of gi, etc. To avoid unnecessary delays the ring officials will work as a team and inspect all the competitors as soon as they arrive at the ring. The Referee will also do a quick inspection prior to the start of each match. Arrangements will be made to inspect Bogu on Friday so competitors have time to make changes or borrow equipment.
Shin/instep protectors are NOT mandatory.  If used the must be WKF approved protectors.