Class Cancellations

There are no classes on the following dates.

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KA Provincial Tournament - April 28, 2024 in Calgary

KC Nationals 2024 - July 4-7, 2024  in Laval, Quebec

Chito-Ryu International summer camp -  July 10-14 in Halifax, Nova Scotia (details here)

September - October 2019

Welcome Back to all our returning students and a special welcome to those joining us this year!

We’ve been back at training for two weeks now, so hopefully we are getting used to the routines and workouts.  To ensure that we all have the best opportunity for training, please arrive 10 minutes before class begins. This way everyone gets a proper warmup before we begin.  This is especially important for those attending on Friday night as we need to set up the mats as quickly as possible. 

Of course, there are lots of things to remember as we come back to training, but the most important things, especially in the early weeks are these:

  • Have a plan.  When you come to karate, think a little bit about what you want to focus on:  the movements or techniques you would like to improve or your overall mindset as you train.
  • Bring intensity and spirit to every class.  Though there are lots of things that we need to brush up on, or completely new techniques we are working through, but if you work hard, focus and try your best with everything, the learning will come easier.
  • Be a good partner – when we pair up or work in groups, push your partner to work hard.  Do the drills and techniques as instructed, but bring up your intensity because as a group, this is how we all get better.  


  • Payments are collected for a 3-month period and are due in advance. If you will be away for a month or more please give us sufficient advance notice and we will be happy to postpone your fee payment.
  • If you plan to discontinue your membership please provide us notice via email so that we may remove you from our registration list.
  • Our gallery is up and running again. Check out some new pictures from recent competitions.
  • Class cancellations:  October 11, October 18, and October 31 (Kids’ Class only).

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” – Tim Notke


Enjoy Your Training!

Gary Sabean

Head Instructor