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KA Provincial Tournament - April 28, 2024 in Calgary

KC Nationals 2024 - July 4-7, 2024  in Laval, Quebec

Chito-Ryu International summer camp -  July 10-14 in Halifax, Nova Scotia (details here)

Libya Fundraiser

Hello Everyone.

I am sure we have all heard about the horrible floods in Libya. We have multiple families in our dojo from Libya and unfortunately some of them have been directly affected by the floods.

“The current flood disaster in Libya is a calamity of epic proportions. The death toll in the devastated Mediterranean city of Derna is 5,200, and it’s expected to rise as recovery operations continue. The number of deaths could potentially reach 40,000. More than 5,000 people are missing and about 7,000 were injured.

The flooding was caused by Storm Daniel, which swept through the eastern part of the country. The storm led to catastrophic and unprecedented flooding. Two dams burst upstream from the city on Sunday afternoon, releasing a wall of water that tore through Derna, sweeping away buildings and the people inside them.

Residential neighborhoods disappeared after the torrents swept them into the sea along with thousands of their residents. The situation is catastrophic and unprecedented in Libya. The United Nations in Libya is closely following the emergency caused by severe weather conditions in the eastern region of the country.

At least 30,000 people have been left homeless by the catastrophic flooding. The first satellite images from the disaster zone showed huge devastation to a coastal city. Rescuers and aid convoys are struggling to get to Derna, which has only one functional road left leading into it.

This is a developing situation and the full extent of the disaster is still being assessed.”

To help fundraise a GoFundMe site has been set up here.  Please take a moment to have a look and contribute where you can.  Thank you for your support!